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I have two PA speakers that I would like to use for practicing with my band. The back says that they have 125W Continuous and 250W Program with an Impedance of 8ohms. I was wondering whats the minimal power I need with a powered mixer to power it. I have a list of a few mixers I found and was hoping what you could tell me to help me.

Mixer 1

Mixer 2

Mixer 3
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
You're not likely going to be able to underpower them. Any mixer that's putting out more than a few watts at 8ohms per channel will be finewill make the speakers work. If you don't want any more power, than I'd go for mixer one for band practice and the like. 3 might blow your speakers. And what's the point of two if you already have speakers?
So anything under 125 could power the speakers efficiently?
Green Tinted Sixties Mind