no dice. crate SS amps are not good
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It's better than your amp, but that's not saying much. If you desperately need something MUCH louder or if you really like the sound then by all means get it, but otherwise stay away.


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i'd say go for it, in the long run, you'd save money by
being able to buy a head.

and, i disagree with the people who say bad things
about Crate, their not THAT bad when EQ'd good,
i got a pretty good tone from mine.
i kinda agree with both stradivari and bulletz, if that's possible.

for the money, a 4x12 solid stae is fairly cool as you can always upgrade the cab's speakers and get a new head further on down the line.


the head may sound ok or even good, but it wont be amazing. but for that price, it probably never would.

if pushed, i'd say if you're looking for a larger setup than you currently have and are on a budget, then do it. obviously, don't expect the best tone ever.

good luck!
bad amp
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no, it's a shity head being played through a shity cab. Upgrading the speakers in a shity cab isn't worth it.

There's a reason it only costs 600 dollars new, and there's a reason the guy's only selling it for $275, because it's horrible and a waste of money.

You don't need a 4x12, 100 watt practice amp for anything.