Well, after buying and loving the Halo Octavia I got about a week ago I had to get another Halo. I picked this up today for $300.00 with the HS case. It's a neck thru with EMGs, a LFR. The guitar sides are actually trans black but very hard to see in the pics. It came in this after noon so I got right out to Daddy's to try it out and I knew right then it was a guitar I wanted in my collection. The only thing it needs is the trem/back cover and I am going to make one to match the neck thru color and pattern. All in all this is one amazing guitars. I play literally 100s of guitars a year and this is one of the best I ever played.

I really want one of those halo guitar they look pretty cool. What kind of amp is in the background?
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After hearing mainly negative feedback about Halo on the Sevenstring.org forum, it's nice to hear a different opinion

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I really want one of those halo guitar they look pretty cool. What kind of amp is in the background?

That would be a Line 6 Spider II.
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nice guitar.
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Thanks guys, The Amp is a Line 6 Spyder II HD175, the cab is made by PRO out of NY it a 4x10 and works great with the Line 6. I want to find another PRO 4x10 straight cab for a full stack. I recovered the cab and head so they would match and added the Cobra emblems that I bought for my 68 Shelby I was restoring but sold.

If I had the dough I would have bought another Halo a Fallen Angel on Ebay but I had to pass. Maybe after the holidays. I really go to slow down I am running out of room.

I never heard much good about Halo guitars but most of the people panning them never owned or played one. I got to try a lot of the line out at the last big guitar show here in Boston. I thought they were all made very well and they played nice. So when I won the one I got last week on Ebay for $100.00 I was a little worried it wouldn't be all that great and when I played it I just realized no one out bid me because no one really knows the brand. Who ever made/wound their pups is very good the one on the other Halo I have is amazing. Of course this has EMGs and they sound great as usual.

With any guitar you need to play one for yourself and see if it fits your needs.