So pit tell me some songs that when you hear them they bring you back to a certain time.

For me it would probably be "Alive" by Pearl Jam, it kinda brings back High School for me.
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I go by grades, actually:

Maxwells Silver Hammer - The Beatles - Grade 8
Venus and Mars - Paul McCartney - Grade 9
Maggie M'Gill - The Doors - Grade 10

Yeah, I listen to one song a lot during a specific time of a year and the emotions and aura of the time hits me like a bag of bricks when I listen to them.
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santeria brings me back to my summer, just hanging out with friends and relaxing, me and my friends listened to this song at least 100 times, never got old

Reminds me of the time when me and my dad watched the song be performed live for the first time on tv way back in like 1994
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although i don't listen to them much now, whenever i hear "Ain't My Bitch" by Metallica it reminds me of being a wierd kid who tried really hard to fit in with the cool gang and failed.
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"Sober" by Muse. Primary school. No idea why.

"Like Eating Glass" by Bloc Party. First year of college. Fresh faces, nice weather, lots of fun.
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"Wake Me Up When September Ends" reminds me of Hurricane Katrina.

nola ftw!

A Southern Thing- Better Than Ezra
Apache Rose Peacock- RHCP
Lucky- Seven Mary Three

Takes me there every time.
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"Wake Me Up When September Ends" reminds me of Hurricane Katrina.


and this one Relient K song reminds me of this girl at my school. needless to say shes an annoying girl.
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Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

When I had the hottest chick ever...

The Wizard by Black Sabbath

First song I learned and I love it
Outside-Staind, bring back high school for sure.
Given-Seether, all the stupid slutty bitches in high school.
A New Found Glory reminds me of my vacation a few years ago. "Let's Not Shit Ourselves" reminds me of 7th grade.
Radio/Video reminds me of my cousin with williams syndrome
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Pearl Jam - Alive <-- always playing when i'm driving home from a party or my gf's house at night and pretty much means i'm not gonna die on this ride home
well, Amnesiac by Radiohead reminds me of year 10 in high school, alot was attached to it..
...And The Nominees Are
the greatest view - silverchair - reminds me of being young, and it was the song that first really got me into music

starlight - muse - reminds me of being in love

everlong - foo fighters / black - pearl jam - reminds me of wishing that love would stay

creep - radiohead - reminds me of a time when i was starting to hate myself

my neighbour satan - boris - reminds me of letting go, and learning to like who i am, and learning to love life
boys dont cry by the cure seems to remind me of every relationship i have ever been in.

Middle School
Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
Swing Swing - All American Rejects
Boys of Summer - The Ataris
Starstruck - Yellowcard

(I had a pretty bad taste in music, nevertheless)

First time I (thought I) was in love - Pink Bullets by The Shins. It was her favorite song

First Date - My Stupid Mouth by John Mayer
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I remember periods of my life by what bands/albums I was listening to at the time. For example, Jeff Buckley - Grace is my sophomore year of HS and reminds me of all the friends I made then, and Say Anything - In Defense of the Genre is the start of college. I have a few for every year. Helps me keep track of time.
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New Slang - The Shins

Girl I loved sent it to me, didn't like it at first, didn't listen to it. The after I fell out with her I started liking it. Just reminds me of the time we were still friends.

Guerilla Radio - RATM reminds me of when I younger in general.
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7th grade: Sweet Child O' Mine - GNR

8th Grade: Sympathy for the Devil- Rolling Stones and Welcome to the Jungle- GNR

Currently: Alive- Pearl Jam and Love, Reign O'er Me- The Who
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Black Sabbath the song- playing ocarina of time
Ghoste Reveries- revisiting FF7
the Antichrist Superstar album- From age 12 to 17. i wasnt a very happy person
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The Eagles- Hotel California: My old math teacher, who inspired me to play guitar, introduced me to UG, and was a great influence during eighth grade. Man, he did everything except teach geometry well.

Scar Symmetry- Morphogenesis: A vacation I spent with my dad in New York, to see his side of the family for the first time in four years. Ah, two full weeks of the summer, swimming in the backyard pool and the neighborhood lake, going up to Canada and seeing Niagara Falls, sitting in the basement, playing video games with my cousins, sitting downstairs listening to Clapton and B.B. with leftover ribs, target practice with a couple of BB guns...
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Those brightened my day
In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer reminds me of a girl I used to date.
whole ascendancy album
7th-8th grade haha played covers of ascendancy album for junior high talent shows both years it was awesome

encaged - sonic syndicate reminds me of about some crap that happened last week

and whenever i hear

again we will rise - lamb of god
my jaw hurts cuz last year at ozzfest i got a busted lip and a ****ed up jaw moshing during that song