I am selling a double bound mahogany strat body with neck that the customer I made it for can't seem to pay for. I am keeping the neck I made and will make any neck you want some may cost a little more though. These will be unfinished unless you are interested in me getting a clear finish done for extra. I should have the neck done about a week from when you agree to buy it and pay $30 upfront. The price is $330 plus shipping and paypal fees (if you do an e-check don't worry about fees). I will accept returns minus shipping from both ways and a pre-determined cost depending on what neck you want.
Well, I finished it today...

Also forgot to add the neck will come with a new graphite nut. I am interested in trades as far as low watt tube amps (valve junior, black heart, tiny terror) and guitar parts. Partial trades are great too.
i'd buy it if it were painted. thats beautiful craftsmenship.
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