Well then.. It's been a while since I last visited S&L, and it's also been a while since I've even written anything at all, so I'm a bit rusty.

Running outside faster than ever
To see your face I can not wait
Yet it just awakens my greatest hate
Destroy the lies
Before your eyes
And all you will hear
My endless cries

Creeping in the shadows
Always near
Always here
Fear the dark
Despise the light
Live forever
Full of spite

Bringing you down seems to fulfill (sp?)
Yet all it does is destroy
Everything since I was a boy
Erases it all
Without a trace
Cutting off the nose
Just to spite the face...

This 3 stanza piece came to my head from a drawing i made to which I added a few lines of text (the second stanza). It's a bit short, but I'm out of inspiration.
Any criticism is fine, if you want C4C just drop a link.


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