i have a older fender and it sounded really bad until i read the set up guide and lowering the pickups made a world of difference but moving the saddles back or forth to fix the intonation didn't make no difference but i couldn't move them a whole lot because the screws are stripped and rusted and the screws are not very hard to find they are pretty common looking so would it be alright to just go get new screws and springs and for the saddle because the spring shouldn't make much difference if it is different it is just holding the saddle out......well mines rusted they prob wouldn't move much if i took the screws out.....
you might wanna replace the bridge. unless you wanna keep all the original parts, then if youre replacing the screws in the saddles, you mine as well replace the springs as well.

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ya sorry about the grammar. ya i want to keep it original but i don't know anything about changing the springs in the back i was just talking about the springs on the saddle screws.