I have one question about the approval/denial system. How many votes does it take for your tab to be accepted or denied. So far I have 1 accept and 0 denied. How many more do I need?

at the end of weekends or every now and then, they just come through and accept every tab that doesn't have any denied ratings
for those that do, they thoroughly check into it. just wait until they decide to go through and clear out all the tabs.
there's no set limit to automatic acception, well alteast, to my knowledge, ive only seen tabs be accepted by around 10-15 people at most.
Yes, Necrotic is right in most of what he said
Actualy we check every single tab. We reject tabs that have more that 3 denied votes without cheching.
and where to find tabs which are not approved yet ?
if i want to vote for some others or just want to where is it :P
and am i able to vote for them ?