I am planning to buy a MIM Strat after Christmas to get some modding experience. I want to try and work out a copy of Rocky.

I plan on replacing all the pots, dropping in a set of Custom Shop 69 pickups, and (of course) painting.

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I could do? Also, how would I go about painting this thing (or who could do it for me)?
Actually, it will probably be a Squier Deluxe since I need a Daphne Blue base.
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look for a nice neck on ebay if the mim duznt already have a nice one.
and you might want to swap out the bridge and tuners.
and dont get a squier, if your low on money, get a used mim strat.

I need a specific base color and the Squier is the only guitar that has it (other than a Highway 1, which has the wrong headstock shape).
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Why make a clone copy exactly like that? You could always build your own, or order parts. I'm sure that could work.

I think that may be the route I go.