This is a song I wrote and recorded with a couple of friends for a school project. It's the backing for a short film we made, I played the guitars and they did the vocal harmonies/beatboxing stuff. Leave a link and I'll crit you.

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I think the intro needs a lead over it, or repeat it a lot less than you did because it got pretty boring. However, once the song reached around 50 seconds it really started to pick up because of how layered it is. The guitars on their own wouldn't be very good for most of this song aside from a few cool riffs, but joined with the vocal harmonies I actually thought it sounded pretty cool. When the vocals first entered I thought it sounded to be very full and was pretty impressed by that actually. The section around 2:03 is one example where it sounds to be full for me, the guitars are also pretty cool here. I really can't stand that intro riff and I think it interrupts the flow when it enters again at around 2:30 or so. The guitars were really picking up around this point, and although it builds it up, it just seems to interrupt. I didn't really like the whole beatboxing stuff at 3:25, I'd either take that out or just shorten the song and take out this whole section. At first I wasn't really expecting too much from the guitars, but you proved this wrong, and it worked very well with the vocal harmonies. Nice job.

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Thanks for the crit. It definitely takes a while to build up, and that's because it's a film score- I had to adjust the structure a bit to fit the film, and it needed a long intro. I'll get to yours soon.
Thanks for the crit.

The main section with the guitars and vocal layers is great. It sounds really cool though some off the timing sounds off. Actually I think that's one of the bigger problems listening to it more, the vocals aren't always in sync or as tight as they need to be. The beatbox thing is annoying for sure. It is too loud in the mix when it first comes in. Actually I don't even think it belongs in this song, it doesn't fit well at all. Especially with it ending the song, it gets weak towards the end. I like the main idea of the song, the airy vocals and acoustic guitar but there's a lot of problems that need to be addressed.