Hey guys, I recently bought a new rig (a Carvin BX600 head running through an Avatar 212 cab). I'm in love with the tone of the thing, but I've been encountering one problem:

When playing in enclosed spaces, such as my room/house, it makes everything shake/rattle to the point of muddying up the bass's sound. This is especially evident on certain notes in certain environments (my highest B, for example, makes my house shake more than any other note).

I don't have this problem nearly as much when I take the amp to larger spaces, like my guitarist's house or my friend's church, so I'm pretty sure the amp itself is not the problem. Although, granted, the cab shakes a little at higher volumes, but this isn't comparable to the rattling the house does.

So, is there any way to prevent this from happening? I can't really see any alternative other than moving into a larger house or something. I was thinking it would be good to play in the garage, but that just made the garage door go nuts.

Thanks in advance, guys.
This is perfectly normal and happens to everyone, my youngest son came downstairs one day and told me that I'd made his Leggo fall over due to playing loud in the house.
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+1, perfectly normal. First time I hooked my Superbass and 2x15" up was in my bedroom, when I still lived at home. Got my dad out from behind his paper, which was quite hard to do!
Oddly, he wasn't complaining, he just wanted to know if I could destroy stuff with it. Just for the sake of science...
Yea this happens to me with my practice amp a lot and I either lower the volume or put a pillow over were the air comes out of in the back.( I don't know if this does damage to the amp but i don't think so.) You cold try doing that.
Lol I'm learning about this is physics. This is resonance. The **** in your house is
"tuned" to the same frequencies or near to the ones you're playing, so they vibrate. It doesn't make as much **** rattle At other places because the other places have different **** in them.
So there is no way in hell you will stop that rattling if the rattling occurs on almost every note.
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