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Hey guys Im new to this forum Cant wait to look around n stuff. But um Im 14 pretty new to guitar Ive had it a while but I just recently got serious and started having fun and really trying So I am working on my first tapping solo, and its from trans siberian orchestra christmas cannon rock.

And I was wondering if someone could give me an idea how to set up my pedal
(digitech rp80 ) and my first guitar is a pretty old ibanez grx20 flipped over to lefty 4 me given to me by my dad. lol Im saving for a new guitar but untill then is there any way to bring out the sound in my tapping??

Ps. I have super slinky strings less than 2 weeks old, proper tune, and well the electronics in my axe are past their time. But its what i have to work with. Could someone hook a brotha up?
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i thought new members Q&A cant be guitar related
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^Yeah, this forum's for help using the site really. Not guitar questions.

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first paragraph....take to musician talk

second, take to Guitar Gear and Accessories

and maybe Electric Guitar for some of it also.

edit: take the recording to Riffs and Recordings.

^This pretty much... if you've got some specific question or need help with your tapping technique head over to the Musicians' Talk forum. If you're wanting help with gear (your pedal) then Guitar Gear & Accesories is the place, and if you're wanting to ask about your guitar setup/a new guitar try the Electric forum.