I haven't learned any songs in over two months, and that is really bothering me. I've been wanting to learn some intermediate songs, but can never find anything that challenging due to that I mostly listen to reggae, ska, or punk. I'm am seriously willing to learn anything from ANY genre, just as long it is fun and intermediate.

I'll take any suggestions.

By the way, I've posted this many times in those suggest songs threads, but I never get answers, never...
Learn the first few riffs from Metallicas Seek And Destroy - The riffs dont get hard until after the second chorus
Try One by Mettalica

Try the Ultimate Guide To Guitar to learn about chord progressions and stuff like that...

Your Guardian Angel By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?
stabwound - necrophagist

Hahahaha yeah that!

Or Speed Metal Symphony by Cacophony, Scarified by Racer X, Any song by Dream Theater, or Smells Like Teen Spirit......

But seriously, learn EVERY Metallica song. That is what I did in my first year or two of playing lol.
Thanks for the input fellas, but do you guys have any more challenging suggestions?

Most of the songs posted are easy other than Speed Metal Symphony by Cacophony and Scarified by Racer X (that's passed intermediate, lol).