Bought a lot of 4 Fender Starcaster bodies off the ebay, after a little research I found they were made of basswood which I think is decent, and it was $40 for them all so I went ahead.

Here it is all sanded and filled and such
btw this body is roughly 15% wood filler, and thats before I filled in some more

Bought this neck off ebay as a squier factory reject, with the problems wrong with it was a couple scuffs on the back, and a 2nd stamp. I sanded all this off and it looks perfect now.

Got a Fender neck plate and strap locks, cuz i'd like to make this as Fenderish as possible.
The neck didn't quite match up with the body, so had to drill new holes for that.

Next was an order from guitarfetish, got the USA spec tremolo, their knock off Wilkinson tuners, and a SSS 3ply white pickguard.

The tremolo didn't fit right, which was expected, so I jus bored the original holes and stuck the new studs in with J.B. Weld. Fits nicely now.

(The pictures is sideways, sry)
Here it is as of now, pretty much completed, my dad owns a auto collision center so paint isn't a problem. I'll be looking to go as close to Fender's blizzard pearl (silver) as possible. On the headstock I plan on following the tut on projectguitar and putting a fender logo and "brandocaster" as my first name is brandon. Updates soon hopefully.
dude, it looks really cool on natural. havent you thought of leaving it like that?

Looks great.

Are you entering this in 100GPB build competition?
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Idnovelo: Seriously, the wood on this thing is horrible, if you look at the picture of the neck joint you can see how much filler is in the cutaways. I'd like to leave it natural but i'd like it to be flawless looking also.

Ottər: I am planning another build to go for that, and I joined the IGBM group on facebook so ill be starting that next month. I plan on modifying one of my extra bodies to look closer to Matt Bellamy's Mansons, followed by a paint job just like his Glitterati Manson. Hardtail too btw. Thats all I have decided on so far, maybe a polished aluminum pickguard, but idk.
^ Great to hear, and yeah I think a paint job would bring this guitar a long way.
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