Ive got an old strat clone kicking about and i was wondering if any of you has had experience of upgrading single coil guitars. Ive upgraded most of mine but this is a little different, its similar to that of a pacifica maybe a squier. I have a feeling the body is maple.. maybe ash if im lucky

Im planning of putting in stock fender parts eg vintage bridge and locking machine heads, and then sticking in CTS pots, spragues and a matched set of seymour duncan antiquities...

however the cost of that is similar to that of a fender 50s strat
i think thats mexican, obviously antiquities in there would be awesome but atm i dont have the money

Assuming the neck and setup on both is as should be.
Any ideas which one would be better for the money?
Do NOT upgrade. Absolutely not.
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I'd do it if you enjoy the feel of the guitar. If not you could just buy the '50s Fender Strat and keep it as a beater - i.e. something to take places you'd rather not take your Fender.
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I was thinking of getting a unique paint job, but if the sound is going to be crap i dont see the point, what do you think the 50s strat will be like with antiquities? is the hardware pretty good on that guitar?

I have a les paul and an ibanez and im looking for a good single coiled guitar.. but ive not got that much money.

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