looking for a pedal or pedals ...best for metal??
need suggestions from somebody who actually plays metal
and would know a few things about pedals..


I have the rage 258, I upgraded but blek, that thing made everything sound out of tune on the distortion channel. Try a distortion on its clean channel to see if it sounds better. Its kinda silly though to get a $200 pedal for a $100 amp
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save up a bit and grab a roland cube 30, or get a microcube... if you don't want to go amps than I suggest an EHX Metal muff or a Maxon OD-808
yeah i have a little multi efffects pedal so i keep it on clean.

and tha amp can get upgraded whenever.
ya ive been wanting to get a roland cube 30 but since i got tha peavy for cheap from a fren i havnt worried about it. but ya ima go check those out right now.