Just something I threw together in a few minutes. It's nothing special, but I'll give it to UG to critique. Go easy on me.


Walking together in the twilight
Shyly holding hand in hand
Wandering together in the night
And all the world did then seem right
Footprints in the golden sand

I had never before seen in my life
The bright starts shone in your hair
The moon reflected in your eyes
That they were always held in mine
And ever dwelt my heart there

We passed the woods, to the shining sea
Were still holding hand in hand
Water gave its light to thee
And ne'er again did that place see
One like you to grace its land

We passed the sky, we passed the starlight
We came to a carriage lane
And there we rode unto the night
And came to wherever we might
And still your hand was in mine

We rode through, past the dusk and the day
But ne'er did I want for food
Nor did I want another way
Road to come and bare me away
To be parted then from you

Then dawn fought was through my window
Bathed face in light, and dwelt there
Pulled eyes from what seemed long ago
Your touch, no longer did it bestow
In cursed dawn I did despair
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