Been playing for 15 months and didnt play for 5 of em, just started to take guitar classes for the goodies (scales,arpeggios etc.) Just a few minutes ago i was playing scarified (racerx) and ive been trying to do what my teacher told me to do. Keep my thumb in the middle of my neck when im doing technical stuff meaning stuff like solos. Everything whent fine untill i got to the sweeping and the left side of my wrist hurt like crazy andy i cant keep my fingertips straight, they keep on laying flat. Im wondering if this is just something that happens when im new to this, that i dont do it this high up in the neck or something else. Please help.
yea, so is it like alright if my thumb goes up? ive seen paul gilbert keep his thumb low but yet again look at his pinky...
Wow impressive lol ive been playing lik 7 years and can still barely sweep although not really in my genre so havent spent a lot of time practicin but still.
i broke my arm when i was 15 and never got it fixed. theres quite abend in my arm and it is only comfortable for me to do sweeps with my thumb over the fretboard. try explaining to your teacher that it is actually painful to play like that if it doesnt stop after a couple weeks.
well its only 4 string sweeps but i do need help or sudgestions right now, not so much on the complement side but they are nice lol
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You're sweeping at 15 months?

I was sweeping at a year
If you set out time to actually practice sweeping it's a simple technique.

I think your guitar teacher would know best regarding what you're doing wrong. You should just ask him why you're getting pains.