Well my girlfriend gave me £150 for christmas towards a new guitar and i have enough of my own money to buy one of these with that. I have an epiphone sg atm which i bought as my second guitar and i dont mind it but i feel as though ive outgrown it.

Im thinking ill still use my sg for some stuff but id like a guitar with a thicker deeper metal tone, I like playing metal but the sg doesnt cut it. I dont want to upgrade the sg either kinda want a second guitar :$ anyway.

But yea with that said i have a few questions for DKMG owners/Anybody whos played them.

- How does the guitar play, Fast neck? Comfortable body to play?
- How long is the battery life on the emgs and do they lose tone with battery life fast?
- Is the guitar actually WORTH IT.
- Ive played some of the higher end Jacksons (soloists) will i notice a huge difference in playability?
The neck is thin so that just depends on your preference. It's very fast and smooth and easy fret-access to the 24th and such. I'm getting one this week and I think it is very worth it. Try it out if you can, that's the best.
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Yea thanks, I was always curious on the battery life of active pups was always a little concerned id be changing them out alot but with that sort of battery life i guess its nothing to worry about :P
I played a similar model, the DK2M, recently.
They are pretty much the same except for the passives.
Anyway, the neck is very smooth and pretty thin.
It comes down to your preference on the neck.
The trem was very good I found.
I'd say it was worth it, and it's probably a steal used.
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yeah, the battery lasts around 1500 hours with 2 EMGs,
they should last a long ass time if you keep your guitar

I would be a little skeptical about the FR system though,
their parts tend to strip easily and are hard to change
tunings with.

EMGs won't do you any good if you don't have a proppa br00t4l amp
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Yea i dont think id buy it used my gf would kill me, (shes into shiny things haha) but yea i love the thin fast necks alot.

And 1500 hours? thats prety crazy do they lose tone before those 1500 hours are up though?
I play through a Vox ad50vt atm but im looking at some marshal/peavey halfstacks too for when i got enough money together after buying the guitar.

That ibanez looks nice too yea but im pretty much set on a jackson i love the "reversed" jackson headstocks for some reason
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The EMG's shouldn't lose tone until the last few hours before they die (if even.)

And woah, I've never seen the DKMG cost less than 700, thats weird.
if you can play it - do that, of course someone has to say that :P
I own one and it's amazing!

go for it if you want to.
people say get a better amp or w/e but it shouldn't be too bad with your vox.

quite nice.
Ive had mine for about a year so...

-The neck is really fast and pretty flat but really that more preference.
-Easy upper fret access
-The trem is damn good ive found. Ive never played a true OFR but the LFR stays in tune absolutely fine, only time i have to really tune is the first day or two after putting on new strings.
-The EMGS are pretty nice, i did the 18v mod and like it that way. To give you an idea I have actually never replaced my batteries yet and its been just shy of a year, if youre worried about cost of 9v batteries than guitar isnt for you haha.

Ummm tone knob is pretty responsive, i really dont have any complains with it to be honest, i mean the only one i can say is that the neck pick up(85) gets a little boomy sometimes depending on your settings, but if you set your amp right you can get a nice bassy tone out of it, i use mine to replicate sound like Sepultura or Strapping Young Lad.

Also dont expect to get quality cleans out of the bridge, you pretty much have to use the neck.

Oh and of course changing tunings is a bitch but its that way with any floating trem. Lets face the facts, youre not buying this guitar for its beautiful cleans or awesome ability to go into drop tunings and back to standard.
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Yea, exactly haha, im not buying for its beautiful cleans or drop tunings. And im not too worried about the 9V's i must have 30 of them in my house rofl :$ ill probably die before i run out of battery juice with this guitar by the sound of it.
Sorry for ress'ing my old ish thread but id like to tell you guys i decided to go with the DK2M in snow white


Bit cheaper then the dkmg and i love the maple fretboard white finish and black hardware, Also i tried one before i bought it plays great :$. Thanks anyway guys ill post pics when i get it .