well im a vocalist and guitarist
anyway i want to start writing lyrics, because im going to start looking for a band to be a screamer. anyway, i was just wondering what techniques i should practice when writing lyrics.

now im very picky with lyrics. i cant stand bands that are all "i hate you, go die", and cheesy stuff like that. im into metaphorical and well written lyrics, like current black dahlia murder. i want to have very itelligent lyrics rather than simple, annoying and cheesy ones.

im not into the whole subgenre deal (it just dumbs down music), but the bands that influence me most are All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence, With Blood Comes Cleansing, and bands like that.
thx in advance
Quote by IX_SiLeNc3r_XI
i cant stand bands that are all "i hate you, go die"

and before you flame me for that
i understand that is not what metal is about, but i know for a fact that there are some bands out there that have lyrics like that
Listen to some Death. Chuck Schuldiner had some fantastic lyrics especially on the albums Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic. When writing just think about things that interest you. When I write lyrics I like to talk about historical events (yeah I know its nerdy but hey Iron Maiden did) the occult, religon, and other wierd **** that pops up in my head. Hope this is some what helpful.
death metal... i know im gonna get flamed for this

but take a leaf out of triviums book

write down somethin that means something to the majority

take gunshot for example

about child abuse.

also ascendancy

maybe to a degree pull harder

but pull harder he only sings about 25-30% of the lyrics as hes to busy fret wanking =]

seriously tthough

take a listen to scar symmetry

sick band

have amazing lyrics

listen to the illusionist

amazing song

thank you
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death metal... trivium

while you're at it, listen to some hip-hop music, such as avenged sevenfold
I know this isnt death metal either, but listen to Nightwish, they are a Finnish symphonic metal band, but what is really impressive about them is their lyrics. You should really check them out.