Hey everyone.

Im putting a build together and im trying to get a parts/supplies list together and set before i order everything. im set on almost all of my parts. pretty much everything except electronics.

im looking for some mini humbuckers. well im trying to build a more all around guitar. it will be made of strat type woods with more of a gibson/prs shape. i was thinking of using 2 mini humbuckers and 1 single coil to get a variety of souds. (can anyone reccomend anywhere to get them on a budget. if possible in the 50-60$ for 2 mini HB, the cheaper the better ,i allready have the single coil) what do you think about using using these types of pickups? I could easily find regular sized HB's but really like the look of mini's. going for a kind of retro vintage look.

Also. i plan on using a modified jaguar wiring setup (ie 3 pickups). does anyone know any good resources for understanding guitar wiring and info on how to make custom wiring setups. Im definitly going to post and ask for help with this but i would like to give it a go before.

Thanks for the help
Do you want mini humbuckers like a firebird (something like this) or mini humbuckers that fit in a standard single coil slot (i.e. hot rails)?


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like what you showed in the example. for firebird
reading that pickup info it looks like its not for my style but thats just that pickup. do you think this is even the right type of pickup i should get?

yea ive seen guitarfetish. i just wanted so see if there was anything else and what prices were like. thanks though
You might want to check out Artec pickups as well, although I personally think they are a step down from GFS.
I wish I had answers for you, but alas, I don't...
I am, however, interested in seeing others' answers, as I'm hoping to get mini humbuckers for a build

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Seymour Duncan makes a few different kinds
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so its pretty much just guitar fetish and artec that would be in my price range