Hey guys. I have a friend who needs help learning how to finger-tap. I sent him an instructional video, which really helps him. So, he is now asking for a few song suggestions that he can practice on. The only one I knew was the beggining of the main solo in "One" by Metallica, but I cannot think of any more. Any suggestions???
And seriously, It is my friend that needs help, not me. I can play a lot of tapping myself just by picking really fast (Enter Sandman solo tapping)
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haha "friend"
Yea the beginning lip gloss and black by Atreyu is the first tapper I ever learned.
Even though atreyu sucks ballllllssssss
Deanne the Arsonist by Atreyu has a pretty easy major scale fingertapping riff during the bridge. For a more intermediate challenge, check out the interlude to Trivium's The Crusade, and for advanced, the interlude to Sea of Lies by Symphony X. Then theres the obvious: Eruption by Van Halen.
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Hmmm....well there is this one guy named van Halen...

Crazy Train solo
Am i Evil solo - diamondhead
LOL Enter sandman has no tapping.
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this is my new favorite band, thank you for posting this.

Galneryus are amazing, pretty underrated IMO.
Crazy train solo is how I learned one finger right hand tapping. Also helps with hammer-ons and pull-offs from left hand.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

Van Halen songs (Hot for Teacher, Eruption, etc)
Dream Theater songs (more complex but good)
and i don't know
you can arrange solos with tapping