Okay so for my new Acoustic-electric i need to know which guitar i hould get based on the wood because they are the same in every other way.

I want a warm, "wall of sound " to come from this guitar, and any help would be appreciated.

Mahogany back and sides with select Spruce top


Mahogany back and sides with Spritka top
the guitar with the sitka costs more so i am assuming it is better wood but that still does not help.

You might consider checking this out.

Mahogany back and sides with select Spruce top

Select spruce top probably means laminated, while the 2nd one going by the fact that it is much more expensive probably is solid. Solid is generally going to be better. They both use the same wood though, it is usually called sitka spruce.
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Anyways... What specific model and brand is it? Unless it specifically says "solid" somewhere in the description of the top wood, it's probably not going to last you very long. The more "solid" you see, the better the wood is. Any other description words are just gimmick words to try to make you buy a laminate guitar.

In the top of the acoustic forum, there's a FAQ that has some descriptions of tone woods as well. You might want to peruse through there.

Also, always remember not to buy an acoustic with onboard electronics unless you're going to use them often.

Generally, the top doesn't add as much to the defining overtone characteristics of a guitar compared to the back/side woods, but sets the basic tone of the guitar. The side and back wood will give you that extra bit of kick that makes a guitar sound a lot warmer or brighter or whatever else.

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Yea, i thought the "select spruce" bit sounded like a bunch of bull, but i dont know as much about woods as i should.

Both of the guitar are alvarez Dreadnoughts, the RD-8c and the RD20sc, almost identical except for top wood and color schemes.

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"Solid" is the key word...........and much preferred over all.

For a reasonably-priced acoustic with warm sound, I like the Guild GAD25 with solid Mahogany.
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a warm sound is a solid cedar top and mahogany or nato back and sides ..
get the takamine gs330s .. do it .. seriously .. come on man ... trust me lol
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OK, couple of things here. The first is that 'Sitka' is a species of spruce, like Adirondack or whatever else. These two species are preferred for guitar tops because of their naturally straight grain and resonant tone....BUT only if they're SOLID WOOD and not laminate. Personally, I think that any builder who would laminate either of these should be horse-whipped.

Secondly, the phrase "Select Spruce" or "Select..." anything is just a way of avoiding the truth and saying that it's NOT solid...that it's LAMINATE. They "selected" a wood that would not be as expensive to produce (ie laminate) and are relying upon your inexperience not to know the difference. If it doesn't say SOLID then it isn't.

Thirdly, the vast majority of the tone comes from the top, AKA soundboard, of the guitar. The back and sides certainly contribute to the overall resonance, but about 90% of the tone of a guitar comes from the top.

In terms of your choice, if you are on a budget and can't whip out the semolians for an all-solid wood axe, then AT LEAST get one with a solid top. Don't even worry about the electronics...these can be added later, both cheaply and well done if you do it right.
A cedar top is going to give you a much warmer sound. Add a rosewood back and you will have a very balanced combination. Realistically though, there are a lot more things to consider. Body size and bracing, scalloped or not, have equally as much to with bass. The most notably warm guitars, i.e. Martin HD-xx's, do not have cedar tops. What they do have, however, are scalloped bracing and a large dreadnought size.

Being on a budget, you probably won't be able to afford an all solid wood dreadnought, so try out a couple cheaper dreadnoughts with solid tops without worrying about what wood it is.

Do you really think you need electronics? They aren't worth paying extra money for it you aren't going to need them now. Instead of paying for the electronics, you can get a better guitar now and install the electronics later on down the road when you actually need them.