Hey Ive finally found a demo of the sound i have been looking for and here it is!!!

I want to be able to have this tone and i am sure it is possible because i own a 60 watt tube amp a b-52 at-112

my guitar is a squire Jagmaster all stock i was wondering what pedals i would need to get this sound because Ive tried with the amps distortion itself and its not quite as smooth and warm distortion.

if it is possible to get this sound with some pedals can yall recommend them to me?

i play mostly rock and blues
I know Mike McCready uses a tube screamer ts9. Thats all I got
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if you ran the amp at the edge of breakup and use an overdrive pedal with the gain all down, and the level all up, you force the amp into a nice overdriven sound which won't be a million miles away from what that guy got. you have humbuckers, which sound quite thick, so use the bridge pickup. that's pretty much all i got...
ah ok thanks alot bro ud recoment ibanez ts9? or the 808 one? and if soo is a noise surpressor needed?
i don't use tube screamers, as i prefer a more transparent overdrive. that;s be best of left for someone who knows their ibanez pedals... i've heard people say good things about the new Hardwire pedals from digitech though, and they do an overdrive that's meant to be pretty good. i used a behringer pb100 of all things, and it was amazing. go figure!
most of that tone is in the fingers, he is just using a pretty simple setup for that i am sure. like a guitar into an amp, depending on how your amp responds you might need a boost pedal or overdrive pedal to get the tone. i know i can get something fairly close to that just plugging into my tiny terror.
some people like to do various od pedals to get a sound like that, i probably would have used my ol' yeller with a wah wah running before it(i would use the wah open, as a filter), that would give my tone that pinched kinda sound. but i still believe you could get by just running into an english style amp and cranking it up.

if you want to hear a lead tone i get from a wah and a addrock nsoy into an orange TT then check out my profile and listen to the muffin man cover i do. with a little tweaking i feel that tone could be very close to what you want.
I hate to say this but I think maybe you should look at how your amp and guitar compare to that fellas.