Are Squier Jagmasters decent? I love jaguars and jazzmasters but cant afford them, so I might decide on the their little sister by squier, and, can a strat neck be installed on a jagmaster, because I am not a fan of rosewood.
I love mine, almost as much as the mustang.

There are some issues with it, such as the tuning...but for 250$ it's by far the best guitar in it's price range...in fact the mustang is one of the few guitars I like more/ as much as the jagmaster.

(imo) it's better than the CIJ Jag (black and chrome one)....similar feel but the jagmaster sounds better stock, and is 500$+ cheaper
I'm pretty sure it can, but be sure to check the intonation because they are different scale lengths (25.5 vs. 24). Also, switch out the trem and get a locking nut.
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