This year im going to be able to spend 1086 dollars maybe more if i save up more by then. Ive been planning to buy a several amount of things or one things id like you guys to give me a sudgestion.

1. Dave mustaine vmnt (never played it and i cant untill i order it so thats a downside yet i love dave and his music)
2. Buy a SSS Standard fender strat($370) and add some YJM neck and bridge pickups to it. for the remainder of the money ive been sudgesting to do several things such as maybe buying a bass guitar to add into some recording but this is were you members of UG comes in.
3. Buy a marshall half stack i dont know which model hopefully you guys might help me with this (Have a line6 75 watt)
Used jcm800/900 dsl marshall....

I dunno b-52? 6505?

Tons of options when the limit is 1k whats your music preference?
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