I got a Schecter Synyster Custom and ive had it for a little less than a month with no problems... well today i was going to replace the strings and everything was fine, except for the last string.

I can't put the string in the hole of the saddle thingy.... every other string had a little space for the string to go in, but the High e doesnt have any. so... this is weird, cause the last time i changed the strings when i first bought it everything went great

can anyone tell me what to do so i can try to fix this? i need to use my guitar tomorrow for practice...
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Quote by Nathan_393
Maybe a piece of your high e is stuck in the saddle?

...yeah, i see a little piece... i cant pull it out with though, do you think i could melt it off with a soldering iron?
Schecter Synyster Gates Custom
Peavey Vypyr 75w
Umm no bad idea. Because if you do, then the string wil just just stuck to your guitar. Use pliers? That sounds like the best idea. I've had this on my strat and I used pliers.
the piece stuck is too small to get it off with pliers.
Schecter Synyster Gates Custom
Peavey Vypyr 75w
I'm not sure if I know what your talking about but in my fender squier the High E strings usually gets stuck in the tremelo bridge when I take it out. I usually just poke it through with my Low E string.
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