Alrighty, so a few months back I invested in a Dunlop Straplok system, in addition to a new strap, to compliment my beautiful new Fender Jaguar bass guitar. However, last weekend, I was rocking out and whatnot when my strap broke. No, the Straplok system didn' t break. The fabric on my strap ripped in half.

So, I removed the Straploks from the old strap by wedging them through the holes on my old strap, but now I'm left with those two Straplok systems, and I need to find a way to fit them into my new strap. How would I go about taking apart the Straploks, so I can fit them into my new strap? The biggest problem seems to be removing the washer.
If you look at the inside part of the strap lock -the side that goes towards the guitar: There will be a C shaped metal clip. If you get a flathead screwdriver and pop off the C shaped peice you will be all set.

Hard to explain but easy to do.
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I took the washer out before, just don't break it!
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