I've been learning Metallica's "That Was Just Your Life". Sweet song, and I've got it all down except for the solos.. The first solo is too much for me haha, but the dual solo sounds easy enough. So I looked at it, but.. it seems like it requires pulling off and vibratos of open notes.. How's that possible? A piece of it is here:

Dual Solo: 5:51
Guitar I:

Guitar II:
wammy bar
but if you dont have one play the 5th fret on the string below it and vibrato that cus its the same note this works on all but the g u half to use the 4th fret on that 1
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I don't see where the question is with the pull-offs. Pull off from the fretted note to the open string.

The vibrato could be a behind-the-nut bend or a vibrato bar (the latter being the more likely option seeing as how this is Metallica).
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Oh right a whammy bar. I completely forgot about that haha. Crap, well I'll try those substitute notes anyway thanks a lot man I'll be able to go to bed satisfied haha.
Oh sorry, I was getting it mixed up with another tab I think.. A Beatles song I think. Anyway yeah so just the open vibrato was the problem. Thanks for all the help everyone.