I made a Thread awile ago about get Ran guitars to make me a Washburn 3ST USA Stealth Replica.

I've changed my mind since then, I am now getting that exact axe made by another Custom Shop called Shamray.

Here is an upgraded Picture of What The
Washburn 3ST Stealth Replica will look like.

Shamray's Custom Shop is much less expensive, they post pictures on their forum so you can see the progress of your axe every day as its being made & your guitar will be built in 6 to 8 weeks (depending on whats being built) as opposed to the year Ran would take making a guitar...

Website (Below) Check out the amazing job Shamray did at making some of these guitars on the website...


Forum (Below)


Example of some Shamray Custom Replica's...

Razorback USA Dime Rust Replica

Zakk Wylde's Gibson Replica----->

Some of you will love this Replica---->

(Goldish) Zakk Wylde Gibson Replica--->

Nuno USA Washburn Replica--->

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This is not Spam!!!!!!!!!!

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