I hope everyone can forgive, but I need some help with pedals. I have never used them and don't really understand how.

I have a roland cube 15x and a Fender Strat. What exactly do I need to get some pedals working? Do I need more guitar cables? And what are some nice sounding pedals?
If you can visit a guitar shop in your town, the staff there will be able to give you a load of demonstrations about what the various pedals do, and what you need to run them.
Generally, you need at least 2 cables (more if you have multiple pedals) to connect your amp to the pedal and your instrument to the pedal.

As far as what sounds nice:
Usually metal/shredding will almost always need a distortion pedal.
Wah-wah pedals will give you a twangy, funk/blues sound.
Others include chorus, flanger, etc. which most of those you can get with a nice amp.
basically, to have an effect in your chain, you do this:

plug one end of your patch cord into the output jack of your guitar (as usual)
plug the other end into the input jack of the pedal
plug another patch cord into the output of the pedal
plug the other end of that patch cord into the amp's input.

simple as that. just make sure theres a battery in the effect, or you have the proper adapeter plugged into the power jack on the effect.

As for what effects you could use, that depends what kind of music you play.

As suggested above, head over to a guitar store, and ask if a clerk can give you a demonstration of what does what..
I forget to mention there isn't really a possibility of going to a guitar store. I live on a very small island, and there is not one commercial store. So playing guitar has kind of been a pain for me, but I love it so much, I would never quit.

Basically does anyone have a good suggestion for a nice blues pedal? or wah? I have two cables as of now.
Crybaby wah for the wah pedal and I personally like the boss blues driver 2 for blues sounds as the name implies, but many people would disagree with me. If you have 2 pedals, you need 2 cables and a patch cable (and power supplies).