my college is doing a production of "grease." i ony went to the audition because they said they needed guitar players. before i knew it, i was auditioning for knicken and danny. i'll find out if i got a part on wednesday. stay tuned.
I was going to try out for the vagina monologues but I decided against it. Biggest regret of my life.

Anyway, good luck, let us know how it goes.
Our school's doing grease as well, what school are you at?
I really don't get why they chose it really, I'm at a Catholic school and the moral of the story is basically: conform to expectations by jumping in tight leather pants and gyrating. Oh, and that doing a lot of guys is fine because your suspected pregnancy will be a false positive *thumbs up*

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything
Grease is a "Musical" not a "Play".

Sorry to sound like a dick...
"There are millions of people in the world, and none of those people are an extra. They're all leads in their own stories."
I'm pretty sure musicals are a type of play.

EDIT: I just looked it up and it turns out I'm wrong but they're close enough for me to put them in the same category.
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People always tell me I solo like Zakk Wylde. Thats how I know that I suck.
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gay, ga gay, gay, gaaaaaay......

Seriously tho, don't mean to offend - good work.

Unfortunatley my stage fright is crippling so I could never do something like that - well done