Well, my phone froze, and in my uncontrolable rage i pressed a ****load of buttons and now the security lock is on and i don't know the password. Any idea on how to fix this?
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take the battery out, put it back in, and turn it on again?
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Do you expect us to know your password?
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I think the default keypad lock is like 0000 or some sort menu-menu-menu-menu or something. Look in your instruction manual.
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Try the last 4 of your phone number. That's usually what it is by default. If not that, "0000" or any other obvious combo is usually default for things.
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On a serious note: Try 0000, thats normally the default code. If not, take it to the shop where you bought it and they'll send it off and fix it. But only if you got Warranty, unless you be forking out the big one's.
Typically, when my phone locks up, i burn it with fire

it worked last time.....
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^ i have, it almost worked to the screen went all black and stuff and i thought it was gunna unlock but no. isn't there some number you could call or something though?
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The password is "mens-asses"

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in my uncontrolable rage i pressed a ****load of buttons

That's a rather impotent rage you've got there.
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take it to your provider (att, verizon, etc). they can unlock it pronto.
**** it I will take it to some ******** shop and get them to ****around with it. I was sure " men's asses' was going to work though.
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yeah someone said it but unless you ****ed with it the default password is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number
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What phone you using man??

For Optus your default is 9999, or 0000, are they asking for a puk number?.If so don't try random ones, and if you already have then take it to 'all phones' or whatever phone shop you have around

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I've had nokia's with a default code of 5555

you will almost certainly find the correct one for your phone model if ya google it though dude.

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