I'm using an EDIROL ua-25ex interface with a condensort mic for vocals ans an sm57 pour micing insturments with FL studio for arrangements

I would like to know what frequencies I should beware of, for example Iwas told I need to cut off some frequencies for women vocals or some others for male

Iwould like to know are there any adjustments on the EQ that I SHOULD really do before recording?

thanks for any help
You might be better off recording dry and then EQ during mixing...unless you're using a hi-pass filter to cut off low rumbling noises from the mic moving around. I've found the best practice is to just trust your ear. Don't let anyone tell you what frequencies to cut or boost. It's all in your ears!
Agreed to this. I mean, sure, you can find frequency charts that suggest this and that, but they are merely suggestions. What happens is that we tend to use our eyes (ie. frequency charts, meters, etc.) to make judgments on how to make something sound better. It's all ears.

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I record dry and then Post EQ, is it possible that there are certain things that should NOT be done ?