Hello, I recently purchased a new guitar, and can not decide what to funnel my money into next. I am pretty much set on some sort of multi-effects pedal, but I guess my amp could do a bit of upgrading. My gear is as follows:

-Fender MIM Standard (HSS) Guitar
-Rogue GS-50r Amp
-Line 6 SpiderIII 75

I primarily use the Rogue amp because it produces a much better sound than the Line 6, even though I had to sacrifice the (cheap) effects. I figured i would list them both anyway. The amp is decent, but I think it cost around $100 when i got it, so its not crazy good.

I was considering purchasing a DigiTech RP50 multi-effects pedal after christmas, but had read some negative reviews about the quality of the effects. Is this a decent pedal for around 60 bucks, or is there another better option?

Also, my long term goal is to buy a Fender Blues Jr. amp, so I guess you can comment on that if you wish. I'm just happy to get some feedback. Thanks!
Hmm...that seems like kind of a radical suggestion...i need somthing to play on. An option could be to sell both the amps, and buy another really cheap amp to hold me over until i can afford something "better". But, I guess that would be like putting a band-aid on the real issue.

Well, the Roland MicroCube is 125 dollars. Its gotten generally favorable reviews. Say I could sell both these amps for 250, total. That would total out to be a profit of 125 bucks. Worth it?
Yeah, Id sell both amps, or keep the Spider ONLY for its amp modeling, and buy a more expensive multi-effects. I have a BOSS ME50 and its awesome. But, whatever you personally like is up to you, so shop around, try as many as you can and go from there
Best way to decide, is to try them yourself.
sell both amps get, better amp
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You could sell the Line 6 for around $150-200, and maybe the other amp for around $75 I bet, maybe more, depending on who you're selling to.

How much do you have saved up already?

To answer your original question, however, DigiTech is not a great company in my opinion, most of their multi-effects sound like nails on a chalkboard, if you save up enough money for a multi-effects pedal, you might as well keep saving.
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don't ever get the cheap or medium priced gear..

just save up your money on the best you can get.

trust me.. it's worth it.
Don't EVER buy a multi-effects pedal under 200-ish.
Because think about it, singular pedals with ONE effect in them cost
an average of 80-100, so you'd think you'd want your multi-effects pedal to
atleast semi-correlate to that for a great multi-fx pedal.
If you dont plan on gigging or aren't in search of anything perfect, then
dont worry about what I said too much, but just to let you know.
From what I've read the Boss GT-10 is pretty much the only worthwhile long-term multi-effects investment. I would still get individual stomps though to be honest.
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especially not a cheap one. I had the RP250 and it died completely after 6 months, on top of that, the signal is dirty and really digital sounding.

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