Okay, me andmyparents made this kind of odd deal.
If I play in my churches main worship band they'll buy me a nice but cheaper guitar.
All my guitars are a little too "metal."
I've always wanted a PRS but recently I've found this sweet little Agile copy of a PRS.

My question is though, How do they compare to higher-end guitars? and How do they Play?
My Guitars:
Epiphone Prophecy LP GX
(Scenic Painted) American Project Strat
LTD M-10

My Amps:
Peavey XXL
Peavey 5150
Marshall 1960a 410

SELLING 360 $200USD obo
theres not such thing as a 'too much metal guitar' xD

play country on a B.C. Rich .. or extreme metal on a Fender Squier ..

i teach metal to catholic kids, and everyone is ok about it =D