My price is 800CAD. I was thinking about either buying a valveking 112 and then swaping the speaker and tubes because its 50w and has eq for each channel. or shold I buy a higher end amp that don't need upgrades? Any amp remmendations are welcome, needs to be at least 30w. I usually will play metal, but not overly heavey, stuff like metallica, megadeth or blues rock. I do like having at least decent cleans.
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What kind of music? If you're playing classic rock like aerosmith I'd look at the traynore ycv50blue and ycs50, great for that marshall sound that joe perry. Classic 30 and crate v33 are also worth a look, the crate being the cheapest. Those two amps are more voxy than marshally, but they pull off the british crunch well.
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^those are all good suggestions, epecially the Traynors as they are made in Canada.

Also, check out the Valveking Thread and look for sg622's clips on page 1. He's pulling off Metallica and Megadeth type tones.

Good luck