I have a song in a midi file that I want to print out the sheet music to. In garageband I can look at the notation but I can't print it out. Is there any free software for mac to do this? Or do any of you have software to do it and would be willing to put it in a PDF or some other file format for me? Here's the link to the midi file if you are willing. All i really need is the melody line. Thanks in advancehttp://www.ireland-information.com/downloads/midi/anemigrantsdaughter.mid
One important thing to remember, it's very difficult to change midi to sheet music. Midi is representation of note lengths, and it's almost impossible for the program to differentiate between a tie, or a dotted note. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Expect to see some weird note values...
Also, get Finale Notepad 2008, it used to be free, but isn't on the finale site any more, you'll need to find it elsewhere.
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Dude if i were you i'd look more at bands like Dragonforce, Dragonland, Dream Theatre and Power Quest, most of their songs are either in E major, A major, C major or D majhor