So I got a lot of money recently (from hard work not stealing a wall mart or something lol)
and I went all excited to music stores, I bought a flextone III 150 watts, a very nice amp.
I also got a new axe, and I saw it had two EMG 81 and I tought "OMG EMGS ILL BUY IT".
Then after some reading, I saw that emgs with no valve amp was just a waste of money.
atm im not gigging but I think the amp would clip a lot(more than usual) at high volume(I havent tried it yet because I actually respect my hearing, and my windows ), but I can get a HEAVY distortion with the amp gain in 4 haha
So, did I just wasted a freaking tons of money? btw I play metal
I might sell the amp, even though I really love it
Nah, the Flextone is a pretty nice amp. The EMGs are designed to work with tube amps but they'll work just fine with your amp. Most likely not as well as a set of passives but you could be doing a lot worse for pickups.
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first of all, if it sounds good to you, use it.

second of all, you'll grow into your gear tastes as time progresses. personally, for metal, i'd take a set of high-output passives into a boosted tube amp for distortion before EMGs and a Line 6. but it's all about taste and affordability.

bottom line...play what sounds good to you for as long as you enjoy it. when you don't, don't hesitate to find something new.
Seems to me like you like your tone, if it sounds good to you, thats what counts, your the one who has to listen to it. If you have problems with the EMGs being noisy, just buy a noise suppressor, a kid in one of the local bands in my town uses EMGs with a solid state and it sounds great but he had to get a noise supressor pedal (I recommend the ISP decimator)
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