I have a strat-type guitar but is neither Fender or Strat just a crappy ol' any ways... i've tooken the strings off, removed the pickguard in to the body (aka the Guts) of the guitar and now I think would be My chance to do 1.something about the hum noise, and 2.find a way to increase sustain and 3. prevent my g and low-E to stop goin out of tune on huge bends...

I'm a pinch harmonic fan, love whammy dives, and sustain on 12th fret of the G dies out in 2 seconds...WTF?

I hope to record with this guitar and have the money to do somehing about the top 3 pleads what should I do?
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i think the hum noise is because of the single coil pickups...
about the bend thing... i think u can buy special nuts which prevent strings from loosening...
im no expert but i doubt the tuning problem is there. as he^ said tuner or locking nut are probably needed. or a new bridge.

as far as sustain. new pickups would probably help. some with high output. humbuckers or get som humbucker that fit in single coil space. i guess it could be something else, like the body and neck, but not positive that thats the big problem.

now as far as the hum, this is deff the thing to fix. i would say that it could be helped with some shielding and wiring fixing. just search google (or similar) for "strat hum fix" or something similar to that and you will find tons of people in the same situation and how to fix it.

hope that helps
i honestly think with the time and money you would put into the guitar you might be better off getting a slightly better guitar if possible bro. christmas is just around the corner
^ as this post says, with all the problems your having, you might consider a new guitar alltogether if possible. and all the things i suggested to do would probably set you back the cost of at least half of a decent guitar. bridge, pickups, wiring fix could easily be $200-300 for decent/good quality. and a decent/good quality guitar (in my opinion): $400-500

i didnt realize the totals before. so you might be better off going new