I've been confused about a few things lately. They're completely unrelated and they make me feel like a noob since I've been playing for about 7 years. Apparently I was never taught this.

1) Can someone explain to me the basic setup of a PA? (Mixer, amps, speakers, monitors, etc) I just need help understand what goes to what and maybe some tips on how to set up live. Every time I played live, it wasn't to more than about 300 people, so I could get away with using only amps.


2) When people tab, (as I've been running into difficulty doing so) do they do so by training their ears into a state of intensive sensitivity or do people use some sort of software (garage band?) to mess with the equalization of the song, IE jacking the treble on the left side up of a Bullet for My Valentine song to get only the rhythm guitar?

Thanks for the help guys.
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i'm not very good with setting up pa's but when it comes to tabbing songs, all i can say is the more practice, the better you get. start out with easier songs(like ones with chords) after a while you develop your ears so that it becomes easier.