This is a little song I wrote, any feedback would be much appreciated.

You’re yesterday’s soldier
You’re not fighting for anything, just what you lost
No one cares anymore
Yesterday’s soldier is a bore

You’re not remembered anymore, your exploits are ignored
They remembered those from before
When it mattered more

Patriotism’s a dying act, so throw away that gun, and join in the run

Yesterday’s soldier, you’re such a bore
Talking of this time when you nearly died
You’re yesterday’s soldier, and no one cares, cause you lost your war.

You were a young man, back then
Yesterday’s soldier, you went off to die
They speak of your acts as if they were a crime

It’s becoming cool, to think that we could all fight and die
Yesterday’s soldier, you know more

The world’s not what it used to be, it’s not what you fought for
You thought that you could change more than yourself
But in the end you can’t even change your mind

You’re yesterday’s soldier
And no one cares.
Supreme Commander Of The Lolcats Of the UG Army

And that guy, who had that idea, one time


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