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I clicked "I'm feeling lucky" on google without typing anything in.
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kept on seeing it come uup on the home page under the forum section, finally checked it out and joined after just reading for about 2 months
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I joined the forums after about a year of playing to get guitar advice. Back then the pit was a scary place for me (because the faq has many warnings about forum n00bs going to the pit), so I avoided it. Gradually I transferred over and now I rarely use any other parts of the forum (I still don't know what it was that attracted me to the Pit in the first place though).
I was a member of UG for awhile and one day I decided to go through the forums and lo and behold, there was The Pit.
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i had a ug account but mainly just used it for tabs...never even looked at the forums...then one day i started reading the forums and eventually became a pit monkey
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i still know of at least 14 people who dont play any instrument whatsoever and have profiles on here just to view and post in the pit
I think I made an account to comment on a news article, then used it in the forums because I could... It's been, damn, three years now.


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well, when I first started looking up tabs on the internet UG kept coming up and I soon found it was the best and started mostly coming here for tabs. then one day I happened to notice the forums and checked it out. I think I lurked for a while and eventually ended up joining
Was using it as a site for tabs for aaages, and then decided to join the forums to get/give guitar advice.

I accidently stumbled into the Pit, and haven't ever been able to get back out.
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I've been looking at this site for tabs for a while now, just one day I got really bored.
i was bored at school, then this orange aura come through the window onto this computer in the computer lab, i sat for 2 mins on google looking at guitars and i clicked this ****, orange aura of doom i think.
I searched 'demotivational pictures'.
(I spent the few days just looking through the thread and lolin'.. took me a while to get all the way through.)

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i still know of at least 14 people who dont play any instrument whatsoever and have profiles on here just to view and post in the pit

Add meh to your list
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

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I used in like...2004-2005. Then it got shutdown along with a ton of other tab sites. So I found UG. And honestly, the experience of finding the Pit was like being born. I don't remember anything but am damn glad to be here!
i pretty much just fell into THE PIT. ive been surviving off rats and other hapless victims that have stumbled in and met an unfortunate fate. Ive been here about a year now. Its my home away from home.

also check out my sig.
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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
I fell in.

Edit: ^ Shiiiiit.
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I think I used to hang around the guitar forum as I was starting my guitar journey at the time then eventually ventured over this end.
I used to search google for tabs and found UG usually had the best ones, started looking at news stuff and then eventually looked at the forums, then joined, then one day looked at the pit....
Oh man it's the only off topic forum for me these days.
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Looking for tabs. Then I ventured into the forum, lurked for a while, then registered.
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I just looked at the forums one day out of curiousity.

First reaction: "This is madness."
1 week later: "This is awesome."
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You don't "find" the pit...


I think this is what happened.
I've been using tabs here for years, I used to always see 'The Pit' at the bottom of the page, and one day I saw a funny thread title so joined to post in it.
got banned and blamed for having a a huge lemonparty on mxtabs because of someone from here.

so i came here and stayed a while...left and then came back...and left again...etc

a fitting way to discover the pit.

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lol. 9 out of 10 threads that I post in die afterwards.

Same here - I'd suggest starting a thread about it, but we both know what would happen
I was kinda forced to join


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You don't "find" the pit...



I don't remember...I blocked out the painful memories of being kidnapped and being sent to the pit.

havent been able to escape yet...
Well whad'ya know, it's a female on UG. D:

Shine On, Cast A Shadow.

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Looking for bass tabs, had UG in my favourites for ages before i stumbled in here
I used this site regularly when I noticed the forums. I saw all the active users and thought it would be a good forum...

...bad times
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I was kinda forced to join

your kinda forced me...

well it all started out with noxios, he became a member on UG and forced noxiosimitator, who at his turn forced me and noxiosElMuchos and noxios_the_return! more noxios people will be comming soon!
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