I thought that the intros rhythm was very cool, I liked it more than the lead over it actually. The lead and the rhythm seemed to blend a bit awkwardly towards the start of the solo but it smoothed out nicely as it went on. I actually thought that the riffs that followed the intro didn't really fit with it as far as vibe, but the riffs themselves were good. I noticed you had Tommy Emmanuel in your favorite guitarist section and the second half of your song did seem to remind of the little bit I've heard of him. Maybe a transition between the two could help with the flow but you've got some nice riffs and ideas.

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Nice playing, but if you want to avoid the "electric guitarist playing an acoustic" guitar cliche, try miking your guitar as it sounds very sterile and quacky.
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Your soloing is melodically very mature, but your phrasing needs work - I guess 'meandering' is the work I'm after.
Maybe try and split up your licks with pauses, like the old 'challenge and response' style used by all the best blues guys and sax players.

I don't like the weird phased guitar at all - a pure acoustic track would sound much more professional.
More positive points - the intro rhythm has a nice tone, and your playing technique is extremely clean, sharp and expressive. Keep it up!
Nice work, it flows together nicely. Like said above, I agree the phrasing might need some work, but its no big deal, I didnt see it as that big of an issue in this song. Nice work though. There was a rather abrubt change in there. It sounds to me like two different songs, but if thats what your looking for then nice. Mind giving a couple of my songs a listen and let me know what you think?

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