Can u guys suggest a beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental to me? But let me warn u I've only been playing for 18 months so I'm not that skilled. So I'm looking for something that is great-sounding and challenging, but not toooo difficult to play (nothing Andy Mckee-ish) . And oh, it should be in standard tuning pls. Thx a lot
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You wanna beautiful acoustic song in standard tuning?

Well my friend, I believe this one is for you.


^ what he said

but still, check out opeth - patterns in the ivy
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Lazarus - Porcupine Tree

Nothing will ever beat that song for simple acoustic numbers in my opinion.
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closure by opeth, just beautiful
"Ladies and gents."

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Tencaious D - Master Exploder

I haven't heard master exploder in a while, but Tenacious D is not very simple I believe
It is the greatest acoustic song ever. He shall dedicate his life to learning it if it is too complicated.

Let me make it clear people, you can not fail by learning this song.
Firstly to the idiots up there ^^
Tenacious D is the opposite to beautiful - They are an awesome band but not beautiful. Crude and rocking more like it. Most of it's electric anyway - all the solo's are. Only the rhythm is acoustic.

These are all really known and really easy:

Hey there Delilah
Time of your life

They'd probably work better if you or someone you know sang with you.

Nothing else matters is pretty much solely an instrumental although the main solo is electric. The acoustic stuff is still really well written...although it might be a bit hard for you.
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If you've been playing only 18 months the live acoustic version of hotel california is awesome. Helps if you have two people playing. But I dunno maybe you already know it..
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The acoustic parts in ocatavarium. ಥ_ಥ beautiful
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