haha, all the **** -core bands get all the posts :P

If you like these guys, check out "The County Medical Examiners" who are made up of real doctors, and the singer (or puker, whatever floats your boat) is in his SIXTIES! IN A GRIND BAND!

Oh, good band BTW
Pretty sure most people who are interested in General Surgery or Carcass worship in general know of TCME.
plus i think the guys in TCME are actually from Exhumed anyways.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
Listening right now I really like the riffs in Exotoxic Septicity.
Ichor stands out less but it's still great. Pretty much what I expected.
Very awesome.
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great band, one of the many Carcass imitators that i prefer to Carcass. Along with TCME and a ton of others...
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sick grind.
me like.
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People can call them clones, but they are already more original than other goregrind outfits for the Swedish death metal they injected into their sound.