How do I finger this six-tuplet lick?. It's played 8 times very fast at the beginning of A Touch Of Evil by Judas Priest.

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I'm a strict one finger per fret person (I've got skinny fingers so I can do that at the higher frets), so I'd go 1-2-1-4-3-4 with that one.
The questions to always ask when figuring out fingering is, where I am coming from, and where am I going to. In this case, right back to the start so you definately don't want to shift up for the E-B-E in the second half.
I'm not familiar with the song. Is it swept or alternate picked? If it's alternate, I would do what se012101 said. If it's swept, I'd play it as 1-2-1-3-2-3.
well if your not the best Economy picker try re-arranging the notes

here's two arrangements i did for it