For example an E major arpeggio contains the notes E G# B. Try look up some Paul Gilbert arpeggios
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I need help with arpeggios
I can't seem to understand them
I know that they are chords but played note by note
though still I don't get how I can figure out arpeggios and what they really are.

Can someone explain to me?

That's all there is to it - you form arpeggios exactly the same as you form chords, because they ARE chords...the only difference is you play the notes distinctly as opposed to strumming them all together.
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Arpeggio's are triads these are 3 note chords unless you want 7ths 9ths and all that good stuff

but for starters to keep this as simple as possible

the difference between arpeggios on guitar and piano is that...on piano theres pretty much only one way to play them...guitar on the other hand has several different ways to play them

i could make a small lesson on finger positions for them

basically what your doing is just connection these triads in octaves

but do you understand how triads are formed?
that was my question when i first started taking music theory lessons i dont know if you do but since your saying your not really understanding them i take it you dont so lets learn

lets do a common triad....lets take C major

now a C major scale consists of 7 Notes 8 counting the octave (im not going to go to far in to detail cause then there will be a theory war the main thing right now is that you understand how their made)

so C major scale is C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-
okay so there 8 notes here....now how do we know this is a major scale and not a minor
what makes this a Major? and how do make a Minor?

well thats all up the the 3rd interval if you look at the 3rd note in that scale its E
now if that 3rd was flatten (b3-Flat 3rd) that E will be come Eb(E Flat)

the 3rd makes up the gender of what ever scale or chord your going to play
so to make things easy lets look at it as Majors are Men and Minors are Women
Majors have Natural 3rds and Minors have Flat 3rds

there will be times where you would run in to a problem and would have to Sharpen the 3rd to make it major or minor but like i said lets stick to the basics first before we get into that

okay so now we know the difference between a Major and a Minor


a triad is made up of the Root(1)-Third(3) and the Fifth(5)

so look at our C major scale take the root Which is "C" then the 3rd "E" and then the 5th"G"

wow now we have a C major Chord CEG! so to make that an arpeggio
what Arpeggio means is to play one note at a time and not Harmonically(together)

so playing C E G at a time is an arpeggio.

Playing them all at once is Harmonic

now im sure when you think of Arpeggios your thinking "sweeping all over the neck"
well yeah thats what it is basically

now the big deal is that on guitar...again there is more then "ONE" way to play things

so for a start lets to a C Major arpeggio on 5 strings

okay each note gets one string we have 5 strings so once CEG it repeats again CEG thats 6 notes

geez i hope the web browser dosnt screw this up


okay so thats a easy C major Arpeggio
now for the Fingerings

you want your Pinky on the A string 15th Fret

Your Ring Finger on the D String 14th Fret

Your index on the G string 12 Fret

good now thats the first triad now for the second

you want your Middle Finger on the B string 13th fret

Your Index on the Hight E string 12 Friet

and Finally you Pinky on the High Estring 15th fret

and you have a C Major Arpeggio! yay

to practice grab a Metronome and do the first Triad i would say 60bpm
so each time that Metronome Clicks you want to play 3 notes evenly

hope that helps if you have any questions feel free to ask

and if i screwed up some where guys please step in lol its like 2Am here i could have missed something so yeah

let me know if that helps you out at all or if it just confused the hell out of you lol sorry if i did im trying to make it as simple as possible
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Thanks Dude, It cleared up the confusion

Cookie for you! well.......Thanks anyway!

lmao never mind i should known some one would find some sort of lesson or something to clear things up

anyway thats great you understand now

isnt it fun? lol
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lmao never mind i should known some one would find some sort of lesson or something to clear things up

anyway thats great you understand now

isnt it fun? lol

Thanks, I already knew most of the things you said but
it was more casual and easier to understand.

Time to practice the Arpeggios!