So I'm thinking about getting a tube amp to replace my Roland Cube and I narrowed it down to a few, wanted to see what you guys think first. The amps I'm looking at are:

Peavey Valveking 112/212,

Peavey Ranger 212,

B-52 AT-112

Has anyone used these or can someone give me an opinion? I play mostly classic rock and metal, with some jazz and blues thrown in. Oh yeah, and my guitar is an American strat with a Seymour Duncan Jb. Jr in the bridge.
Yes I have used the Peavey ValveKing 212, in fact i currently own it, used to own the Ranger 212...i have been an avid Peavey fan for several years, I think you would be good with the Valveking, i don't know if you have seen the features on this amp, you can find my review right here on the UG website, if you're playing through a strat, you'll be amazed at the cleans you will get out of it and the lead channel isn't perfect for metal, but that can be fixed with a stompbox (I use a Boss MetalCore), but it is still pretty versatile, and you will love the texture knob which lets you shift between full power Class A/B power amp to Class A, for Metal you're going to want A/B, but for the blues/jazz you'll want closer to class A, which is a bit lower gain, but it also cuts power from the tubes, preserving their life, the Valveking 112 sounds like crap you gotta replace the speaker if you want it to sound good, but the 212 sounds amazing
What is your budget, man? Watch out, some people give some really cliché advice here these days. Such as

"Valvekingz carnt do metal onli wiv a mod!!!1111" and loads of other... yeah.

What you really need to do my friend, is go into a shop, with your guitar (or use one in store much like your own, so maybe a HSS fat strat) and try some out.

All these brands and models have their own characteristics, what you want is an amp that gives you "your" sound and an amp you can work with.

I recommend you also try some Vox amps and of course, Fender amps. I (personally) think even in the UK Vox amps are extremely expensive for what they are, and they are often huge and expensive for the wattage they give off, but some people love them. I spent ages on a proper AC30, thought it was very nice but when I really thought about the price to enjoyment ratio it wasn't good.

Though, there is a reason why about 80% of the amps you see being used by current bands on BBC, ITV, Jools Holland Later etc are Fender Hot Rod Deluxes, Blues Reissues, Super Reverb Reissues or Blues Juniors. They rule, great value, make your Strat or Tele sing and offer a wide range of sounds and respond well to pedals and mixing.
Yeah, I was leaning toward the valveking. I'll probably get the 112 and replace the speaker with a vintage 30 or something....thanks for the help

Nah dont get the valveking.

Its alright if thats all you can afford, but the B-52 takes the cake as a good sounding reliable cheap tube amp by marshall and fender standards, and competes with alot of 1k amps.

The B-52 is clearly the better amp and anyone who says the valveking is better hasnt tried out the B-52 or just loves there valveking that much.

A valveking next to a B-52 is like a pinto next to a jetta.

Not really but you get the point.
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Crate V series?
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I've looked at the v-series but...i dunno, I'm not too big on crate amps. I guess I'd expect the B-52 amp to be better quality than the peavey, being a couple hundred $'s more expensive. You get what you pay for I guess.....
I think it's hilarious how the popular amp to suggest always changes...VK's were insanely popular this time last year and now everyone hates them for metal, though I have to agree with them. On topic, the B52 is just okay IMO. My old band's other guitarist had one and I played around with it quite a bit before I bought my 6505, I just found it too thin sounding. Although in that price range, it is probably the best and definitely the most versatile considering all the different styles you listed.
Quote by SoulInFlames
I've looked at the v-series but...i dunno, I'm not too big on crate amps. I guess I'd expect the B-52 amp to be better quality than the peavey, being a couple hundred $'s more expensive. You get what you pay for I guess.....

Its just a bill extra?

What are you talking about hundreds.

The B-52 is totally worth an extra bill when you compare it to valveking.

Just try both amps out and youll see what i mean.