Hi all,

I'm really new in the online guitar world and I'd like to know what are the best blogs / forums / online communities which I can be a part of in order to learn about the latest guitar stuff like gear, exhibitions etc...

thanks in advance.
UG= Ultimate guitat
FTW= For the win.

Any abbreviations like that, you can check their meaning at http://www.urbandictionary.com

As for online communities, to be honest you wont find much better than UG. We have an extensive range of tabs, articles lessons, and even video lessons to help you play. And we also have pretty well divided subforums for any questions you might have. Just make sure you put them in the right places

We also have a stickied thread for introductions here if you want to go in and introduce yourself and read the introductions of your fellow newbies.

Welcome to UG

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whats with the different color envalopes beside fourms( grey yellow red etc)

go to a forum page, such as the new member's forum, and scroll all the way to the bottom after all the threads. useful info is down there
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How do you start a forum? i cant figure it out.

you can't start a forum. 'the pit' is an example of a forum. you can start a thread within a forum though, just go into the forum you'd like to make a thread in, and click the blue 'new thread' button near the top left of the page.
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